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Ranking divisions
PositionFilter the rowFilter the rowPlayerFilter the rowFilter the rowDivisionPoints
1Unity_BaB Unity_BaB V 0
D 4
Gold Division460 points
2Stik-24 Stik-24 V 1
D 2
Gold Division390 points
3DriverR1 DriverR1 V 3
D 0
Gold Division330 points
4guizibob guizibob V 2
D 0
Gold Division165 points
5TSRacing_Atho TSRacing_Atho V 0
D 0
Gold Division90 points
6profil-deleted.86395ecfb6103b418c86fe6a0dd2a37f Deleted profile V 0
D 0
Gold Division10 points
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Points to win
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  • For each tournament
  • 1st
    150 points
  • 2th
    120 points
  • 3th
    95 points
  • 4th
    70 points
  • TOP 5 to 8
    45 points
  • TOP 9 to 16
    25 points
  • Points above are for information, only the first ranks are displayed. It does not mean you won't gain points for the other ranks.